Battleblade Warrior

By Marc Gascoigne

Wow, just look at that front cover!  This must be one of the best covers in the whole series and if I recall from my childhood, this is actually a fairly decent chance of a win so, could this be my first win since Talisman of Death??  What do you think?

Skill: 8

Stamina: 15

Luck: 12

Oh dear.

In this adventure I am a prince whose town is being besiged by hordes of Lizard Men.  They will break through the defences any time now and due to a vision I had of a God, I am tasked to search for a mysterious weapon that I can use to defeat the lizard hordes.

My first task, however, is to work out how to get out of the besieged town.  I decide to sneak out at night time.  When I reach the trenches, I go right and hear a screeching noise.  I risk a look and come face to face with a Running Lizard with a rider wielding a javelin.  I kill the lizard and head down a trench to the left.  As I head down this new trench, I see a two headed lizard man looking down at me, about to attack.  I grab his foot, and pull him down into my trench.  Amazingly he falls on his sword and kills himself!  Result!

Moving on, I come to some steps that I use to leave the trenches so I am now sneaking around the Lizard Man camp out in the open. As I walk around the tents, I hear some marching coming towards me.  I panic and dive into the nearest tent. I see a hideous view – it is a female Lizard person reclining and beckoning me in.  I mumble something under my breath and luckily am able to leave the tent without the alarm being raised. I rush on and see a pen with large riding lizards inside.  I decide to take one so that I can escape more quickly but this does raise the alarm…

The chase is on as half a dozen mounted lizard men chase after me.  They start shooting arrows at me and seem to be gaining.  Just then I see a nearby copse so decide to head for that to see if I can shake them off.  Just as I arrive at the copse, an arrows flies out from the undergrowth and kills my steed.  I run for the trees and bump into a man with a horse and a sabre toothed tiger.  He is the one that shot my lizard.  I am furious, understandably but he seems to be able to help me against the lizard men in pursuit of me so I put our “misunderstanding” behind me.

The man helps me prepare a trap for the lizard men and when they return with reinforcements they are blown sky high!  Hoorah! After this success, we head off together for the safe outpost of Capra where I am cleaned up and given some more provisions before heading off again.  Before I leave, however, my companion, Lecarte disguises me by rubbing some nasty green stuff over my skin.  I then bid Lecarte farewell and leave Capra to the North.

To the north, the way is obscured by mist and within the mist I can hear a spooky bell tolling.  It turns out it is an Orc funeral and with my disguise I am able to infiltrate (not sure what I am hoping to gain from this).  It is apparently Orc custom to bite the nose of the newly deceased and so this is what I must do.  I nibble the dead Orc’s nose and he tastes so bad that I lose some stamina!  Things go well until one of the Orc’s ask my name.  Apparently Shagbad isn’t a good Orcish name and gives me away as being human!  I have to fight two of them before I can escape.

I run away and rest for a while before I hear some hooves approaching.  I wait to see who it is and it turns out to be a messenger called Katya.  We have a lot to talk about and sit around a campfire talking long into the night.  In the morning, we find that Katya’s horse has died so we have to carry on by foot.  We set off, chatting and joking but out merriment doesn’t last long as we are soon captured by some Snakemen and tied to the ground in the blistering heat.  After five days Katya dies and I pass out…

When I come to I find that I am in a cluttered caravan belonging to a trader called White Eye.  I tell him my story and he says that he has some very useful information that he would be willing to trade for one of several items.  Sadly I don’t have a single item that he was looking for so he keeps schtum and I leave his caravan without learning what info he had.  Bastard!

I leave the caravan and eventually come to the jungle.  I make good time until I get close to the river and the ground becomes very marshy.  I decide not to set up camp here and carry on.  This, it turns out was to be a bad decision as the sun sets without me being able to find some solid ground.  I go round in circles until a massive Swamp Mutant bursts up and attacks me.  This beast has a skill of 10 and a stamina of 16, compared to my skill of 8 and stamina of 13.  I never really stood a chance.



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