Beneath Nightmare Castle

By Peter Darvill-Evans

Beneath Nightmare castle is not a book I knew much about so without further ado, here are my stats:

Skill: 9

Stamina: 20

Luck: 9

Willpower: 12

Pretty average then.  As you can see, there is a new stat – willpower which is tested much like luck.

I start the adventure by nearly getting to the town of Neuberg before I am captured and end up in a cell.  I wake up and hear a voice offering to cut me free so I do as it asks and then decide to search my surroundings.  At this point someone else arrives at my cell and a Benny Hill type chase sequence ensues before I am captured again and knocked out.

When I wake up for a second time, I am strapped down and some creatures start to torture me to death.

Ha!  That didn’t last long!


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