Dead of Night

By Jim Bambra & Stephen Hand


Skill: 11

Stamina: 16

Luck: 11

The stamina could be the problem here..

In this book I play a demon hunter who decides to rid the world of Demons after they attack my brother.  This has caused a demon king to get a bit upset and he kidnaps my parents.  The books seems to be about me trying to find out what happened to them and probably to finish the dude off in the end.

My first port of call is my home town, where I see an unfortunate skeleton in a cage.  I decide to spur my horse on past it and surprise, surprise the skeleton moves and starts talking to me.  I decide the best course of action is just to ignore it so I do that and nothing happens until I arrive in the town itself.  I head off to see the priest to find out if he has any information for me.

When I get to the priest, I am told that he found my parents dead several days ago but sensed there was something wrong and they turned out to be Demons.  The priest buried them but the Demons were still alive and I had to kill off his Blight Demons for him.  After killing them I found a map to an area where prisoners were apparently being held.  So I took the map and left town.

I travel North and shortly spot a Wagon heading my way.  I decide to wait around to see who it is and it turns out to be a group of Peasants fleeing a demon attack in the North.  One of them is wounded so I use my Heal talent to help him.  He tells me that they have come from Weddonbridge so I decide to head in that direction as there are obviously demons attacking the town.

I continue North and come to a cross-roads.  There are a group of peasants here burying one of their kind (young Calbert, who has killed himself) because, as everyone knows, if you don’t bury a suicide victim at a cross roads, they return as the undead.  Aha.  So, I help them but would you know it?  Poor old Calbert is now Calbert the Vampire but he doesn’t like my silver cross, which distracts him whilst another villager stakes him.  I gain a luck point for my troubles and head off West.

At this point I realise that I am close to the cave that the earlier map told me about.  I find the cave and realise that the map has been a trap.  I am met by a huge demonic skull that shoots beams out of its eyes.  I luckily manage to destroy it, however, and I gain an extra talent – I pick Meditation and head back to the road Northwards.  Next, along the road, I see a cross at the side of it.  I decide to Meditate here for a while and get a Holy Amulet for my troubles.  Hope that comes in handy.  I set off again for the next town.

Just before I arrive at the town I check out a wooden hut.  I test for Demons and the place is crawling with them so I decide to leave well alone.  I head on into the town and the townsfolk need some help guarding a building from some marauding Moon Demons.  I manage to keep them out of the roof by using the Holy Amulet (although I do kill the one that gets through the defenses).  Downstairs again and I do not have the Holy Circle talent and decide that Meditating at this point is probably not clever. Sadly that means I have to fight the Demons and they are far too powerful for me.  I die in combat.

Seems I may have been a bit premature.  After 3 combat rounds, the sun comes up and the Demons disappear.  I have survived the night after all.  The peasants are overjoyed but head off south, away from the Demons.  I get a luck point for my troubles.  I head off Northwards again and hear something coming.  I decide to hide in the bushes like the scardy cat I am and it passes without incident.  I find some provisions on the floor too, for good measure.  I trek on and stay in an abandoned tower for the night.

During the night, I am visited by the Ghost of Sharleena.  She mutters something about a Pool of Dunningham.  I can’t work out what she means so I go to sleep and the next day I  head off towards Axmoor.  Just before I get to Axmoor, the bridge starts to give away and I am being attacked by a large tentacle.  Luckily I manage to escape so I run towards the town.   The town itself seems almost completely destroyed.  At the centre is a huge organic looking building that seems to be exuding evil.  This is what I have been looking for.  There is a large door or a small hole.  The door seems a bit obvious so I go through the hole.

The hole is a tube that leads to the building.  It is veiny and a bit gross but I manage to dodge vapour clouds and end up near a valve at the bottom.  There is a small opening nearby so I go through this.  I go down a passageway and have a choice – left or right.  I head left and enter a cavern with two Demonic Servants keeping watch over some captive people.  I kill the demons but the prisoners won’t leave.  They are to be fed to the building’s furnaces and it has them in its thrall.  They cannot move.  I come back the way I came, ignore some steps and go the other way.  This way also opens up into a cavern.

The cavern seems to be some sort of heart of the building.  I dispatch a Demonic Servant and find some tubes with different coloured liquid in them.  There is a feed, drain and additive.  I unhook the drain thinking that this will kill the heart.  It seems to start beating faster so I hope it does something good.  At this point, it seems like a guard has been awakened.  Worried that it might undo the good work I have just done, I wait to see if I can stop it. Sadly at this point it kills me.  My adventure is over – I felt I did quite well with this story until this point…


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