Freeway Fighter

By Ian Livingstone

Freeway Fighter is another book that is not set in the fantasy land of Titan but on a near future Earth.  The difference here is mainly due to the fact that you are driving a car.  Therefore, as well as rolling dice to determine your own skill, stamina etc you will also be determining the car’s stats.  Here are my stats this time:

Skill: 9

Stamina: 34

Luck: 9

Firepower: 11

Armour: 32

It is the year 2022 and England have actually made it to a world cup final.  Not only that but all they have to do is beat USA in the final for ultimate glory.  What could go wrong?  Well, sadly, a virus was released that killed 85% of the World’s population.  And England never won a world cup again.

In this new Earth, there are people who want to rebuild society and those that revel in the anarchy of not having any rules to live by.  I live in a town of people who want society to be rebuilt and we have identified a town in the South who have some petrol to sell.  Luckily we have some seeds that they want to I am sent to make the trade in my modified car.

I set off and before long I hear a gun shot.  I get out of the car to investigate.  It turns out that it was fired by a man who was attacked by crazy dogs.  He seems friendly so I tell him about my mission.  He tells me not to stop at Joe’s garage as they will just rob me.  I thank him for this info and continue on my way.

I soon arrive at Joe’s garage but heeding the man’s warning, I don’t stop.  I am speeding down the motorway when I am attacked by a Red Chevvy.  I destroy it but and continue South.  Before long I come to a large pile-up of vehicles and can go no further so I decide to leave the road to the East.

Soon enough I see an Ambulance so I get out to investigate.  It is deserted so I try and open the doors to see if I can find anything of use.  Unfortunately it is booby trapped and it blows up in my face.  I hide in the grass to wait for whoever may have set the trap.  When he returns he shoots into the grass but luckily misses me.  I shoot back and kill him.  I search his body and find some money and a pair of knuckledusters.  Getting back into the car, I head off again.

I ignore a turning to the South and eventually come to a road block.  I fire a missile, which destroys the blockage but immediately I see some bikers rushing out from behind some bushes, no doubt waiting in ambush.  They fire at me and rush off.  I decide to head after them…  I soon catch up and fight them – I manage to destroy the bike and find both the riders dead.  I do, however, find some handcuffs, some money and a map in the pannier of the bike.  The map has my town circled and also indicates where the bikers were from – the town of Rockville.  These bikers were looking to attack my home town!  Nasty!

I drive on and soon come to road signposted to Rockville.  I decide not to meet these raiders and head on East.  I am unfortunate and run over some metal spikes.  I soon find out who laid the spikes as a man appears and chucks a Molotov cocktail at my car!  Ouch!  My car is not destroyed and I get out and shoot this bandit dead.  The bandit does not have anything useful on him so I get back in my car and carry on.

I come to another junction and am funneled South.  Unfortunately at this point I promptly run out of petrol and fail my mission.  Doh!

So, what do I think?  Well the back story here is truly excellent and the premise is quite good but the actual adventure never seemed to live up to the promise.  This is not one of my favourite books.


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