Midnight Rogue

By Graeme Davis

In Midnight Rogue, I play an apprentice thief who is a member of the thieves guild and is set the task of stealing the Eye of the Basilisk as a test that needs completing to become a fully fledged thief.  In this book I am only able to carry 6 items of equipment, including a potion and the provisions.  My stats are:

Skill: 12

Stamina: 20

Luck: 9

Not bad, but that luck score will come back to haunt me!

I set out and decide that my first port of call should be the “Noose” which is an area around the thieves guild that I know well.  I start by going for a drink in the Rat & Ferret, the local pub.  I decide to start by playing a game of “pin finger”  which is a game whereby I need to stab the space between my fingers with a knife as quickly as possible.  If I lose, I forfeit 5 gold but I gain 10 gold if I win.  I don’t have 5 gold but I will cross that bridge if I come to it.  I skillfully manage to not hit my fingers and am given 10 gold pieces by the slack jawed onlookers.

With my new found wealth I decide to ask the barman for some info.  I bribe him 6 gold pieces and he tells me that the merchant’s symbol is a coin ( I was already told this by someone at the guild) but he then makes a strange sign with his finger that I recognise and he tells me that the merchant has a safe that needs two keys to open it.  One of which he always sleeps with.  This is more useful information but it is all I can get out of the barman so I head off to see the Clairvoyant.

I pay her 2 gold and she gives me some rather useful information about needing to find a place of work and a place of sleep.  I assume it is useful information as the text tells me to make a note of the paragraph number!  I then head off towards a beggar.

The beggar is not very helpful but I tip him a gold piece anyway.  Once he receives this, he hands over a rope and grapnel that he has been hording.  It will enable me to climb anywhere as if I have the climb skill.  I already chose the climb skill so this is not really that much help to me!  I now leave the Noose and head over to the Merchant’s guild.

On my way to the guild I see some movement in some bushes so I go over to investigate.  I do not have the sneak skill so I am ambushed by a Ghoul jumping out at me.  I have disturbed it’s meal!  I manage to kill it and search the body it was feasting on – I find a dagger and some gold, which I keep.  On arrival I see a guard half asleep but, not having the sneak skill, I decide to try and find a less obvious way in.  I soon some to an alleyway that has a climbable drainpipe.

I run up the drainpipe only to see a Gargoyle coming to life at the top.  I hit it with my sword but it is apparent that this will not harm it so I try the rope and grapnel – this works and I am able to get past the Gargoyle and through a skylight.  I find two doors but both doors are locked and without the lockpick skill I cannot do anything here so am forced to leave for the Merchant’s house without any clues from the guild.

When I get to his house, I am spotted by some guards.  I think quickly and step through a random door and am lucky enough to loose them in the house before I leave through another door.  I then see two houses, one of which has a coin symbol on its door.  The door is locked (damn, I need that lock pick skill!) so I have to try and climb up the drainpipe.  Unfortunately a failed luck test means that the drainpipe starts coming away from the wall and I fall the the floor.  The commotion has attracted some attention so I have to abandon this attempt with no further clues and don’t have any other alternative than to start my search for the gem.

I have no idea where to start looking so go down Clock Street.  I am set upon by three Dwarves who I manage to kill but attract more attention so must give up on this area (it was obviously the wrong one) and try Lord Azzure’s palace instead.

On arrival at the palace, I see another drainpipe so decide to climb that to get in.  I am near the top when some guards spot me.  I decide to hurry up a bit further but another failed luck score means that one of the guards shoots an arrow into my arm which causes me to let go of the drainpipe and fall to my death!  Oh dear

I never really felt that I had enough to go on and feel I chose the wrong skills at the start.

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