Rebel Planet

By Robin Waterfield

Rebel Planet is another Sci-Fi FF book.  It is set in the far future when Earth has started colonizing other planets.  This colonisation programme was going well until Arcadia was discovered.  Although the Arcadians were not very developed, they still managed to defeat the invading Earthlings, steel their technology and use it to launch an invasion of Earth.  At the start of the book, Earth had been enslaved for some time and it is my job to tie together a rebel alliance to overthrow the invaders.

This premise actually seemed rather interesting, and is certainly much better than trying to crack a drugs ring.  My hero’s stats were:

Skill: 10

Stamina: 18

Luck: 9

So-so results there, let’s see how I get on.  I blast off from Earth headed towards my first destination – Tropos.  After leaving Earth’s atmosphere I notice that I am being tailed by an Arcadian ship.  Given the political atmosphere I guess this is quite normal so I ignore it.

I actually know quite a bit about the rebel leader on Tropos – I am to travel to the club Fission Chips and am looking for someone called Bellatrix.  Before heading off to Fission Chips, I decide to take a look in the hostel to see if I can gather any more information.

On arrival at the hostel, I wait for the receptionist to notice me and check me in but he seems to be asleep so instead I talk to a sobbing man who I notice sat on a bed.  The man appears to have been made homeless as the authorities suspect him of being a spy.  I decide to sit with him and hear his story.  The man seems to be thoroughly miserable but I don’t get much out of him because and Arcadian guard comes up stating that the receptionist has been murdered (he wasn’t just being lazy then).  He launches into an attack on my new friend but he is not interested in defending myself so it is up to me.  The guard is dispatched and the man brightens up a bit so I leave with him.

We head south and I ask my companion, who is called Grus, where the Fission Chips is.  He seems suspicious but takes me there anyway.  He asks me to wait while he gains us entry.  I decide to insist on following him, however, and it seems he is trying to set me up.  He is now working for the Arcadians.  They try to hold me captive but I get free and start to fight back.  In the end, I defeat them both. I search the house and find a few goodies (IR scanner and some credits) before leaving.

I start getting rather hungry and luckily see a grocer shop that I enter and pay a few credits for some food.  I rather riskily ask the way to the Fission Chips but the grocer has never heard of it.  I am then directed to a hardware store.  I have the option to purchase a number of goods and decide on a strobe.  I then ask this shop keeper where the Fission Chips is but she replies with some sort of nonsense.  I anger her by not understanding but she helps me on my way none the less.

On arrival at the Fission chips, I am asked who sent me.  I decide to say Bellatrix which gets short thrift from the man at the door.  I am just about to leave when I am grabbed from behind.  I decide to put up a fight but it is no use and I am knocked out.  When I come to, it seems I am being questioned by members of the rebels who don’t quite believe I am who I say I am.  I ask them for their credentials and am given a good speech that seems genuine.  I tell them about my mission and they tell me that the barman is a double agent and they ask me to kill him.  This seems a bit dodgy to me so I ask for more evidence.  Turns out I have just passed their test.  What is more, I am given a song that gives me three digits of the code that I am going to need to complete my mission.  Excellent!  One planet down….

Taking my leave of the rebels, I head for the star port to go to the next planet, Radix.  I  am stopped by customs who takes an interest in my IR scanner.  I manage to convince him it is harmless, however, and am able to continue.  I do not know much about the rebels on Radix so I am going to have to investigate.

On arrival to the planet, I am  given the option of staying at the Zodiac hotel for 375 credits or Porky’s Palace for 50 credits.  I seem to have accumulated a bit of money so I stay at Zodiac!  After a while I decide to get something to eat and go to the bar as it is included in the cost of the room.  I join a conversation about building regulations.  Sadly I blunder and say that cornices are used in foundations on Earth and am forced to leave the conversation.

The only other conversation taking place is about Human Rebellions – this sounds a bit more risky and during this conversation, I am basically picked on by the chief of police who says that humans could easily be crushed in a rebellion.  He proves this to be the case by killing me in combat.

I found this sci-fi book much more interesting than most of the others of a similar ilk and actually found the story rather interesting.


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