Robot Commando

By Steve Jackson (USA)

Robot Commando differs slightly in that, as the title may suggest, it features robots!  It is also another book by Steve Jackson (USA) that features multiple endings.


Skill: 8

Stamina: 21

Luck: 9

Well, that could certainly have been better.

The premise here is that my people have been attacked in a biological warfare attack where most of the population have been infected by sleeping sickness.  I remain unaffected so it falls to me to ensure that my people are cured (oh dear, I don’t fancy their chances much!).

My first choice is to pick a robot.  I decide on a dependable Cowboy Robot (used for herding dinosaurs) and set off for the City of Knowledge but before I get there, I am attacked by a Pteranodon (this seems to be a very common enemy in the FF world and I recall my disastrous encounter in Temple of Terror).  The Pteranodon, with it’s speed advantage, is much stronger than me but one successful hit, with a bit of luck, was enough to kill it.

There was another distraction on the way to the City of Knowledge as I find a Digger Robot in a village.  It is very tough but slow and considering how beat up my Cowboy Robot is already, I decide to transfer into this new one.

On arrival to the College, my first port of call is the College of Medicine.  On arrival here I find a recipe for a Sleeping sickness cure – wow, what luck!  I set about making the cure in the lab, ignoring some ominous squeaking noises.  I create a delicious green potion! I check my work one last time and find out that I need a fresh supply of Mantrap flower essence. I will have to find this in a jungle…

I leave and head off to my robot but am ambushed by some Giant Lizards!   It is a tough fight but I manage to kill them all.  I hear more squeaking but stay to search the lab for anything else of use.  Unfortunately this is the last thing I do as I am ambushed by the squeaking animals, presumably some sort of mutant hamsters. This is not a fitting end for a hero such as me!

Again, this adventure was a bit short to form any opinions on this book…



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