Seas of Blood

By Andrew Chapman

Seas of Blood is the third book by Andrew Chapman and in it you play a pirate who has just made a bet with his pirating friend that each one will be the first to capture the most loot within 50 days.  As well as personal attributes, the book also asks you to determine your crew strength.  My stats were as follows:

Crew Strike: 12

Crew Strength: 11

Skill: 11

Stamina: 21

Luck: 12

Good personal stats, but that Crew Strength is going to make life a bit difficult. Anyhoo, I say goodbye to Abdul and head East towards Lagash.  On the way to Lagash I am attacked by some warships.  I out maneuver one of them but have to fight the other.  After a bruising battle I manage to capture some slaves (I am a dastardly pirate after all) and head South to Enraki.

There are some priests who live on Enraki and I am told they are rich so I try and sneak round the back of their fortress and to launch an attack.  On my way I decide to detour to take a look at a shrine. Sadly this shrine turns out to be a shrine of despair and I have to reduce my luck by two points – who leaves that kind of thing just lying about?  A bit annoyed I rejoin my crew and push on to the Enraki fortress.

The next detour comes in the form of some screaming from a snow covered ravine.  I decide to sneak around on my own to see what is going on but I am ambushed by some strange snow creatures who throw massive snow balls at me.  Thankfully I am able to hide under a rock and run away back to my crew – another useless diversion!

Finally I reach the fortress and decide to “confuse” the enemy by setting fire to some of their houses.  I am a little disappointed to discover, however, that this only alerts and galvanises the monks.  I try and fight them, but they are too powerful and slaughter all of my crew.

So, another short adventure then, not much to go on by I never really got into this story.


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