Sky Lord

By Martin Allen

So… Sky Lord.  The last and possibly strangest sci-fi fighting fantasy book!  My copy of Sky Lord is in almost mint condition – there is a fairly good reason for this as it is widely regarded as being one of the worst in the whole range.  My stats were:

Skill: 10

Stamina: 24

Luck: 11

Pretty good.

In this story I play a gun for hire who has been chosen for a mission to stop L’Bastin who used to work for the king before he started playing around with genetic engineering and got fired.  He is now breeding a race of super warriors to take over a few planets.  He must be stopped!

Off I head in my spaceship and have a choice of travelling in the time dimension or travelling in the light dimension (yes, this is Sky Lord!).  I go for the latter and I am attacked by a Fahbad Redneck – I manage to destroy him but fall out of light warp.  I then spot a black space station and decide to investigate.  Before I can dock I am attacked by a drone but I make short work of that before boarding.

When I arrive on the station I am greeted by a human cleaner.  I shake his hand.  At this point the cleaner turns into a bright orange blob and eats me piece by piece!  I should have known, he did have orange eyes after all!


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