Space Assassin

By Andrew Chapman

Space Assassin is the second Sci-Fi Fighting Fantasy book and is not one I remember much as a youngster.  In this story I am an Assassin sent to kill a mad scientist who intends to experiment on my home planet using nucelar isotopes and deadly viruses (I guess he has a few weapons of mass destruction burning some holes in his pocket).

This book introduces blaster combat, which is worked out somewhat differently that hand to hand combat in other books thus far.  It also includes an Armour score that protects me from some hits.

Here are my skills:

Skill: 12

Stamina: 19

Luck: 11

Armour: 9

Not too shabby then, so off we go!  When I arrive aboard the ship I see a choice of hatches to crawl through and some refuse on the floor.  I decide to take a closer look at the refuse and it turns out to be a small creature wearing some sort of pack.  I take the pack and for some reason immediately press the red button on it.  Nothing happens thankfully but I am not sure what good ever came of pressing unidentified red buttons.

Noticing that the creature came out of the hatch on the right and is now dead, I decided to go through the one on the left.  As I open the hatch, a load of live cables falls down.  Luckily they all miss me and I am not electrocuted but I decide instead to go through the other hatch.

Crawling along the tunnel behind the hatch, I come to another one on the left.  Looking through I can see a robot guarding some prison cells of some sort.  I decide to talk to the robot, but it doesn’t seem to be that friendly and starts shooting at me!  A quick firefight ensues in which the robot becomes terminated.  I jump into the room and look into one of the cells…

Inside there is an old man who is clearly pleased that I have rescued him.  He gives me some interesting information about the ship’s pilot.  I then decide to look into the second cell which contains a small furry imp.  I let it go free and it repays me by biting me!  Ungrateful blighter.  There is no option to blast it and I see no other exits so I return to the hatch that I entered through.  Moving on, I see another hatch opening out into a room.

There is nothing in this room so I jump down and walk across to the door in the far wall.  In the next room there are some rodent like scientists so I threaten them with violence.  They were clearly not expecting me and they stick their paws up in the air, terrified.  I steel their security card and tie them up.  I use the card to leave the room via the door.

The door opens up into a corridor with another door on the left.  I go through this door and find a kitchen.  I steal some energy bars and carry on.  The corridor ends in a circular room with a guard robot, err, standing guard. I try to bluff my way through which doesn’t work so I resort to blasters again and the robot is soon destroyed.  I search the robot and notice that below where it is standing there is a safe in the floor with three buttons (red, blue and green).  I am not given the option of ignoring the safe so I figure green is probably the safest colour….



KABOOOM!  I am blown to pieces!  Oh dear.

This book doesn’t tend to be that popular but I must say I quite liked it – it was a bit like a dungeon crawl through a spaceship.  Just a shame I didn’t get any further.


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