Spectral Stalkers

By Peter Davill-Evans


This is Me:

Skill: 12

Stamina: 16

Luck: 11

Well the stamina could be better (and is actually what ends up killing me).

In this book I have been entrusted with an item called an Aleph and I am supposed to transport it to its rightful owner.  It is quite a good bit of kit and enables me to transport across different dimensions.  As I travel between the “spheres of the macrocosmos” I leave traces of energy that can be detected by the Spectral Stalkers so there is something called Trail that increases at certain times and can be tested similar to luck or skill.

At the start of the adventure a creature falls out of the sky and it’s last action before it dies is to hand me the Aleph.  It is shrowded in a cloth so naturally I take a peak underneath.  As I do this, I am transported to a vast building with a desk, a bell and a sign saying “Silence”.  I decide to head off and explore.

I search around but don’t seem much apart from a load of books.  I don’t meet anyone and am hopelessly lost so I take a random corridor.  Eventually I come to a door with a sign that says Classification department – No Admittance.  I’ve never been one to follow instructions so I push the door open.

Inside the door are a group of creatures called Ranganathans.  They are attempting to classify things and ask if I am “Admittance”  Ha!  They then ask what I am and  decide that I am a difficult case so attempt to take me apart to see how I work.  I make a run for the door but their claws lacerate me – ouch!  I still manage to get out and they don’t seem to follow me so I take a different corridor.

Eventually I come to a door to the Office of the Artefacts Specialist so I knock and am told to insert 4GP into the door which I do and as I walk in a bucket of water falls on my head.  A guy called Wayland is laughing at me – funny guy!  Through gritted teeth I introduce myself and he gives me a bottle of Siccator – I am reluctant to drink any but he seems genuine enough and the drink dries me off completely.  I am allowed to keep the rest of the bottle.  I end up showing Wayland the Aleph and he is amazed!  He tells me I should take it away from limbo (which is apparently where I am).  Wayland tells me to bring anything I don’t understand to “Semeion Cryptoglyphus” and with that, I step through the exit.  I am then told by a dwarf at a desk that I can go anywhere so I decide to let the Aleph take me where it wants…

I arrive in a corridor where I can hear chanting sounds.  As I edge forward, the floor gives way and I am deposited in front of a priest who thinks I am the victory sacrifice that they have been chanting for. I don’t put up any resistance and I am knocked out.  I wake up in a war chariot in the middle of a battle with the priest Syzuk standing over me.  At this point a solitary arrow flies across the sky and embeds in Syzuk’s shoulder.  The arrow is poisoned – for some reason I try to help him but don’t have any corrective fluid.  He doesn’t appreciate this act of kindness so I am obliged to kill him.  I kick his body out of the chariot but it is out of control.  Eventually a wheel hits a rock and breaks, sending me flying.  I manage to pick up a bit of the broken wheel before getting the Aleph out and transporting somewhere else.

I am now in a garden in my homeworld of Titan.  I see a procession of creatures entering the garden and when they see me they stare in astonishment.  It seems these people are the Feliti and they think I am their lord, arrived to save them from a Tyrant.  They gather up some flowers which turns into a jewel of sleep.  When I get the gem, I leave the garden to see if I can find the tyrant…  I arrive at his castle and he seems a bit pitiful.  He then notices the Aleph and tries to snatch it away from me.  Thankfully I am able to snatch it back before he can get it and use it to get the hell out of there…

I am now in a dessert with a small village.  There is a woman selling candles so I buy one and she tells me that the guy who makes them has been missing for some time.  I agree to help them find him and enter his cave where I eventually come across a clay golem that he has created.  It starts lumbering towards me so I fling the contents of the Siccator bottle over it.  It stops in its tracks and starts crumbling before my eyes.  When it is just dust, I rescue the potter who lets me take something for my troubles.  I chose a clay ball and low and behold, it is a great artefact that will protect me from some magic attacks.  Cool.  It rattles when I shake it but I resist the urge to break it open and use the Aleph to go somewhere else.

I find myself in a futuristic transporter and there are voices who have identified the fact that I have arrived in their transporter.  I quickly search for somewhere to hide and find a cupboard which I manage to break into.  It is too small to hide in but I pick up a fire extinguisher thinking it’s a weapon and wait to see what happens.  The door opens and some sort of robot enters – it is a grappler and it is trying to capture me as it assumes I have escaped.  I spray the extinguisher on it which gets into its mechanism and stops it in its tracks.  At this point, the doors fly open on all of the cages that I notice are surrounding me and many different animals escape.  They then start to flee from the forming Spectral Stalker behind me.  I decide not to hang around either and use the Aleph to get away, but not before my TRAIL score has increased by one.

I find myself in a large area of grassland near a forest.  After a while a load of animals flee the forest and are being chased by large creatures but strangely it is all silent. I decide to stand well clear of this commotion, they pass by and leave me alone.  There is nothing else to do here, however, so I use the Aleph again to go somewhere else.

Next I arrive at a clearing where I see a minstrel fighting with a hog-man on a beast.  Two more beasts arrive and attack but the minstrel plays his harp and they enter go into some sort of daze when he starts killing them.  I decide to help him but it soon turns out he is some sort of blood-thirsty warrior.  I decide that perhaps it is not for me so I bid him farewell. Sadly he doesn’t take too kindly to this and starts playing his instrument again.  I fail a dice roll and am unable to resist it.  I walk towards him and he just slices me in two.  The End.

Overall this was a decent book although the different encounters made it seem a little disjointed.

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