Star Strider

By Luke Sharp

Back to the sci-fi books now and we come to Star Strider.  Not a book I was that interested in before but on reading further it seems to be written in quite an interesting, tongue in cheek way.  There is the addition of a Fear stat this time so here are my details:

Skill: 10

Stamina: 19

Luck: 8

Fear: 9

Very average stats here.

In this book I play a “Rogue Tracer”, which is basically a bounty hunter and I have been tasked to find the whereabouts of the galactic president who has been kidnapped and is held somewhere on the “small backwater” planet of Earth.  The president has been kidnapped by a race called the Gromulans (no, really!) who have settled on earth and are master of illusion.

I am on a shuttle headed for earth and, after eating some food cubes, we arrive on earth.  There is an android lurking around here who turns out to be a planted spy so I listen to what it says.  Apparently there is a Silverhound shuttle that travels from city to city so I get on board and head off to my first destination, Madrid.

Once on board the Silverhound shuttle I settle down and get some sleep.  After some time I am woken by the sound of some sirens and some Gromulan police are checking id’s.  When they discover that I am a rogue tracer, they decide to ask me some questions…  I keep tight lipped, which appears to be the correct decision as they accept my silence and let me go (not before scaring me with one of their funky illusions!).  Just like every good tour, the shuttle stops off at a diner so we can have some breakfast…

As I am settling down to dinner, however, I see someone who I arrested in the past.  As they notice me, they start running so I give chase.  I catch up with him outside and manage to subdue him and truss him up for collection by the authorities.  When I get back to the diner, the owner strikes up conversation, pleased that I caught the criminal and mentions that he has a son in Madrid who is part of a gang.  He tells me his name before I make my back to the shuttle, hungry.

Finally I get to Madrid and note down the time for the next shuttle to Rome.  As I do this, I am approached by another android but this time ignore it and watch it for a while.  It reports back to a Gromulan so this one must be working for them.  I then notice a group of houl’gans that includes the son of the diner owner.  I decide to introduce myself, informing him of how I know him and it seems that he would like to help with my mission.  I munch on some of his paella before he agrees to get me into the Hacienda.

The entrance to the Hacienda is crisscrossed by some infra red beams.  Sadly I manage to break one of these beams.  As I break the beam, I am transported into a chess game where the pieces are playing the game out around me.  It must be an illusion so I play along and before long am able to escape.  It is now time for my shuttle to Rome, however, so I have to rush to the station without any clues from Madrid.  When I get there, the shuttle is full but the guard throws off an old lady to make way for me!

When we arrive at Rome it is late so I head for somewhere to sleep.  When I get there I see a woman who I think I recognise but think nothing more of it until the morning when I decide to follow her.   When I catch up with her I find that she is another Rogue Tracer.  It seems she is looking for a criminal named Orvium and we decide to help each other out.  We split up and I head over to Gino’s club.  I arrive at the club via a roadblock and a gang of rogue androids.

As I enter the club, I see Orvium beating up another drinker.  I introduce myself and try to talk to him. Before he talks he demands that I take part in a game of Russian Roulette with one of his cronies.  Sadly I then proceed to blow my head off.

I enjoyed this adventure much more than I thought I would.  The story was told in a very entertaining and tongue in cheek way.  I was a bit annoyed at how it ended though!


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