Sword of the Samurai

By Mark Smith & Jamie Thompson

This book is written by the same authors as Talisman of Death, which is my only victory to date so I am a bit more confident of doing well here.

My stats:

Skill: 11

Stamina: 16

Luck: 9

Not too bad, but could be better.  Let’s start…

As the title suggest, I am a Samurai and it is my job to retrieve the fabled sword.  Like in Forest of Doom, it seems that the general population cannot rouse themselves without a fabled weapon so off I go.

I decide to head East and at first things go well, people bow to me as they pass (as they should – they are lowly peasants and I am a Samurai!).  The situation starts to worsen as night falls, however, and some of the peasants are not treating me with respect.  When one lippy youth speaks out of turn I decide it is time to teach him a lesson. I leap majestically amongst the peasants and this does the trick and the boy’s father appologises profusely.  I decide to make the most of this change of heart and ask the villager to grant me sanctuary.

The old man takes me to another village but strangely drops down dead just as we get to the outskirts.  There is no evidence of what happened to him so I continue into the village. I join the village elders at the headman’s house and although they part for me to join them, they then ignore me. Eventually they start a strange clacking noise and they transform into undead monsters, the Rokuro-Kubi.  It is a very tough fight this early on in the book but I defeat them.

Just when I think it is safe, after my battle I need to test my luck and a roll of 10 means I am unlucky.  Sadly this leads to my swift death at the hands of the undead as they tear my flesh from my bones.  Nice.

Unfortunately I did not get far enough in to this book to enjoy it much…


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