Temple of Terror

By Ian Livingstone

Temple of Terror is another book written by Ian Livingstone and is a sequel of sorts to Forest of Doom. It is not a book I have particularly strong memories of so I am looking forward to a playthrough.

My stats:

Skill: 10

Stamina: 20

Luck: 12

Not too bad, so let’s go.

The antagonist this time is an evil wizard called Malbordus.  He is trying to prove his worth to his dark elf carers and is overheard talking about finding five dragon artefacts to create an army to take over the world. Mwwahhhah (evil laugh).  It was that wiley old wizard Yaztromo (remember him) who was evesdropping and it is he who sends me on my way to defeat Malbordus.

After Yaztromo has taught me some spells I am off and my first choice is whether to go via a small boat to Port Blacksand or overland through the Desert of Skulls.  I decide to go overland, which may have been a mistake.  I am walking South through the scrub and before long see some smoke coming from a hut, going to investigate I see a man shot in the chest by the arrows of some dark elves so I rush over to slaughter them.  I take some of their gold and their bow but cannot save the man.

Carrying on South I see a blackened piece of earth with a medallion sitting in it.  Now, I know I shouldn’t touch it but I can’t help myself and it burns the letter M into my hand (luckily only with a penalty of 1 stamina).  A bit miffed but not that surprised I carry on.

Next I am attacked from above by a Harpy.  I was not taught the “Magic Arrow” spell by Yaztromo so I have to fight it by hand.  It is not too strong though and I carry on after killing it.

Moving on, I am sent a note from Yaztromo basically telling me to get a move on as Malbordus is already ahead of me.  To help me with this, I am sent a Giant Eagle to ride South.  The only problem is I am then attacked by a Pteradactyl.  Again, not having the Magic Arrow spell is a problem (I am definitely learning that next time!) and I miss with the bow I picked up from the Elves so the Pterodactyl attacks the Eagle.  It is far stronger than the Eagle and kills it easily.  Sadly this means I plummet to my death!  Bah!

I didn’t really get much of a chance to make much of an opinion on this book but I felt my death was a little unfair.  Perhaps I went the wrong way?


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