The Keep of the Lich Lord

By Dave Morris & Jamie Thompson


Skill: 11

Stamina: 19

Luck: 10

Resolve: 8

Not too bad, that Resolve score might be the source of some problems though.

This feels like a good, traditional Fighting Fantasy yarn.  The Arrowhead islands are under attack from Lord Mortis, the long dead leader who ruled over the islands with fear several hundreds of years ago.  He is risen from his tomb, assembled an army of undead and is hunkered down in a fort somewhere on Stayng Island.  It is my job to assassinate him.

I arrive in siltport (It was a much more uneventful trip than in a few books ago in Master of Chaos).  I decide to stay around in the local tavern but decide not to mention the fact that I am on a mission to kill the local warlord.  There is nothing else to do here so I leave town and head north towards Mortis’ tomb.

Along the road to the north is a town called Menela.  The men there are being terrorised by some sort of fluffy creature.  Of course I help them kill it and collect the bounty. I also manage to find a guide to take me to the tomb but when I get there, I get a bit scared and run away!  Doh!  I end up South of Siltport and carry on my adventure.

The road turns East and I see a cave in the hills.  I go in and it turns out to be a Temple of Luck.  After defeating the guardian I take a whistle, a potion and some gold.  The potion turns out to be a healing draught but I am not sure what to do with the whistle.  I decide to use the ring to ask the guys back at home but they don’t know and tell me off for wasting a charge on the ring.

I then travel for some time before coming to a crossroads and an Inn.  The inn is connected to a graveyard with some rather ominous graffiti.  On entering the inn, it seems it is covered in garlic – I can see where this is going!  I  get talking to some of the locals, buy a puffball from a merchant and just when I am about to go to bed, a hooded figure grabs my arm.  At this point, a soldier comes up to us and gets it to let go.  I decide to tell the soldier about my mission and he wants to come with me.  We share a room and in the middle of the night, the hooded figure comes back.  The soldier, Kandogor, is about to kill it until I stop him…

The hooded figure turns out to be a wood elf who is trying to kill the vampire in the graveyard.  Much to Kandogor’s disgust I agree to help and in the morning we search the cemetery.  All day we have found nothing but when the sun starts to go down, the vampire finds us – it is Lady Lotmora, and she attacks me. At this point, the hateful Kandogor joins her and attacks me too – I knew there was something dodgy about him!  Anyway, the Lady Vampire herself is far too powerful for me and I become her latest victim.

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