Trial of Champions

By Ian Livingstone

This is a return to the scene of Deathtrap Dungeon and is notoriously difficult.  Here are my stats:

Skill: 9

Stamina: 18

Luck: 7

With those stats I am probably not going to last long…

In this book, I am a slave captured by Lord Carnuss.  He has captured 42 slaves and we will fight it out until one is left who has the honor of representing the lord in Sukumvit’s Dungeon.  Those are not great odds!

On arrival to an island, we are put into cells and fed before the trials begin.  We are split into groups of 6 and are set to race against each other.  The twist is that the first person who is lapped is put to death.  As if a gold medal isn’t incentive enough… To start with I decide to let someone else make the pace and I keep to the back.  When someone is about to lap us, I speed up and a poor Dwarf stumbles and is passed by the leader.  The race is stoped and the rest of us are taken back to the cells.

I don’t sleep well that night, and the next day I’m put into an arena with a Bonecrusher beast.  Thankfully I have chosen the correct weapon and I manage to ensnare it in my net before knocking it to the ground.  That turned out to be quite easy.  On returning to my cell, I find that there is only one other person left.  The guard says only one of us can survive the night and as I’m about to turn around to discuss this with my cellmate, it seems he has other ideas and leaps on me brandishing a knife.  I manage to fight him off and kill him before getting a good night sleep.

The next day, the trials continue.  The first trial is some sort of blade covered stick that I have to duck under and jump over in quick succession.  This proves to be little hassle for one as nimble as me and myself along with the 9 remaining slaves are then blindfolded and told to fight to the death.  I manage to chose right with my first step and hear that someone has been less lucky.  Unfortunately I then trip over a body and have another slave land on top of me.  We fight to the death there on the floor.  Sadly it is my death that we fight to and he kills me.

Oh dear, another adventure that I didn’t really get started with.


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