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Reasons to Why You Should Read Fantasy Books

Fantasy is a genre that almost everybody loves; filled with the captivating stories each story is a daring adventure on its own. Although many love fantasy, sometimes they find themselves thinking about why they love it so much. The answer is simple, the human imagination allows minds to imagine any conversations taking place, and the […]


Upcoming Fantasy Movies That are Based on Fantasy Books

Books are an exciting feat for everyone. However, if you ask an avid reader, they would prefer a book to any other entertainment. There used to be a time when 2-3 Sci-fi or Fantasy films were made every year. Now, there is an explosion of different movies that have captivated hearts and made viewers question […]


5 Fantastic Movies Created from Fantasy Books

Movies and films are considered to be an essential part of cultures around the world. Books are similar to the film, but they take time to read and not everyone like reading books as opposed to watching a movie. Movie directors need a great story that they can make into a film. Directors chose books […]