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Comics for Fantasy Fans

It can be honestly said it’s very hard to make a list of fantasy comic series’ that you should definitely read, not because there aren’t many good ones but rather because there are so many. Before we run through a few of the worldwide favourites, let’s point out that it’s worth checking out your local […]


The Myths of Final Fantasy That Everyone Bought – Fantasy Video Games

Final Fantasy is considered to be one of the most significant and favorite games in the gaming industry and with good reason. Final Fantasy consists of a dramatic storyline with intense battles and shocking graphics. With dozens of spin-offs and remakes of this favorite game, Final Fantasy has now grown to 15 cores games that […]


The Best is Yet to Come – Fantasy Games Coming Soon

Video games are a famous way to kick back and relax for the entire family. Other than for watching movies, video games are sources of entertainment that can be enjoyed with anyone and everyone. During times where technology wasn’t as advanced, we played games that needed equipment such as boards or moving pieces. With the […]