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Writing a Bestselling Fantasy Book – A Beginner’s Guide

To become fantasy book writer urge yourself to explore your imagination and its limits.  Choose to give your readers the mystical allure of magic phenomenon, and nostalgia from children’s make-believe. The most common attributes of a good fantasy book are it’s coming-of-age plot structures and alternate world setting with brave and heroic characters. To create […]


Top Four Strongest Female Leads in Fantasy Books

While the world moves toward equal rights for all, the fantasy book world has geared toward the same direction. Female warriors have become a favorite with female readers in the fantasy literature universe. They are known to disregard ancient tradition and conforms of society to create their own rules and exact justice. Many are powerful […]


Page-Turner Fantasy Books for Young Adults

Youngsters are taking to reading a lot these days, whether it’s on a mobile device or an actual hard copy. Books can provide a haven for those who want to escape the daily pressures of life. The best escape route for those looking for an alternate reality is in fantasy books. Fantasy books are based […]