It can be honestly said it’s very hard to make a list of fantasy comic series’ that you should definitely read, not because there aren’t many good ones but rather because there are so many. Before we run through a few of the worldwide favourites, let’s point out that it’s worth checking out your local comic book store if you’re interested in getting into the comic scene. The staff there will help you find exactly the kind of story you’re hoping to read. So, here are few of the top picks and hopefully they can give you some inspiration.


The most mainstream pick on the list is also the favourite of the bunch. Mike Mignola’s Hellboy series is nothing short of a masterpiece in my eyes. The plot centres around the title character, son of a demon and supposedly the person who is destined to bring about hell on earth, of which he will be the ruler. He is pulled to earth as a toddler thanks to the efforts of Rasputin and then falls into the care of a professor of the occult, who raises him as a son. What follows are his efforts to change destiny on an utterly biblical scale, involving events from history and creatures from folklore from the four corners of the world. It’s dark, funny, touching and everything in between and it’s well worth a read.


Jeff Smith’s cartoon style fantasy series Bone is for those that are looking for a book filled with heart. It’s sort of a halfway point between a Mickey Mouse cartoon and Lord of the Rings, if you can imagine that. Bone and his two cousins find themselves lost in a fantasy landscape and end up involved in a war between dragons, rat creatures, locusts and humans that has been going on for years. You’ll find magic, monsters and plenty of mayhem in this epic, with plenty of laughs along the way.

The Autumnlands

The Autmnlands is written by Kurt Busiek, best known for his work on Marvels and Kingdom Come, with fantastic and detailed art from Ben Dewey. This is a pretty high concept story, taking place in a world filled with anthropomorphic animals that live in a highly political land that’s losing its magic. In a bid to save it they bring forth a hero from the past in order to fix the solution, though it turns out the hero isn’t exactly what they’d imagined. A man, a warrior and someone that is clueless to the use of magic goes on an adventure in an unknown world to fix a problem he doesn’t understand. It’s great stuff.


Finally, we have Sleepless, a story that follows Lady Pyppenia in the court of a fantasy kingdom. Her father, the previous King, has died and left her to survive the politics of the court with only Cyrenic, a Sleepless Knight (literally a knight that doesn’t sleep) to protect her. It’s a story of intrigue, mystery and love written by Sarah Vaughn with art by Leila Del Duca and it will keep you turning pages until there’s nothing left to read.