Books set in space offers the reader a chance to explore the infinite depth that comes with the universe. There is much to play with creatively as a writer as well, and writing a character in outer space is a least explored realm. The possibilities are boundless, and the authors have creative freedom to bring life and personality to their elements. While stories in the magical sphere are fantastic, they have been done to death. Readers are now looking up and beyond for authors to tickle their minds. These books are fantastic young adult fantasy books that should be on your reading list.

Empress of A Thousand Skies

The book is authored by Rhoda Belleza and revolves around a war in outer space. The storyline is told from several perspectives and has significant political aspects that are only imaginable. The lead protagonist, Rhee is the last heir alive who belongs to a dynasty that is from ancient times. As a female lead, Rhee is on a path of vengeance and sets out to hunt and destroy the people responsible for the demise of her family. On killing the villains, Rhee gets to ascend the throne and reclaim the dynasty. On her mission, Rhee is attacked by Alyosha, the villain who was supposed to be dead. As the novel progresses, the two join hands to defeat the villains responsible for the chaos, to help Rhee reclaim her throne. Several issues are addressed in this book that relates to our world, for example, the fight for immigrant rights and racism.

Honor Among Thieves

Authors Rachel Cain and Ann Aguirre come together to bring a brilliantly spun fantasy novel that scales the outer space realm. Zara the main character is a petty thief and is recruited to the Honors. When in training, Zara escapes the dangers of earth and is waived off the crimes she has committed. The story is about her explorations of outer space and her adventures in unearthing the boundaries of humanity, while she travels on a spaceship called Nadim. What started for Zara as a way to escape jail time, resurfaces as a change in character, circumstance, and mission.

Dove Arising

Phaet Theta is the lead protagonist in this space fantasy novel written by Karen Bao; the book revolves around Phaet’s strife to fight against the dangers she encounters and overcome poverty. She enlists in the Militia after her mother’s arrest and her father’s death at the start, and there starts her journey of greatness. Her training at the Militia is horrible and Phaet struggles but does exceedingly well and climbs up her career ladder. During her time with the Militia, she befriends Wes another outperforming recruit. Together they fight to change her life and help find each other’s true destiny.

Dare Mighty Things

Dreaming of space has been Cassandra Gupta’s favorite passion. As the lead character in the book, Heather Kaczynski, the author portrays Cassandra to be a female with a mission. Cassandra’s dream comes true when she gets to travel through outer space and pushes herself mentally and physically to get a top classified mission; she has her eye on. As part of being chosen to take up the mission, Cassie will be required to take on several tests that will test her ability to fight and compete with characters from other planets who are experts in these missions. Fighting her way to the top and securing the mission might be a huge accomplishment. However, the details of the task might cost her several things.