Fantasy is a genre that almost everybody loves; filled with the captivating stories each story is a daring adventure on its own. Although many love fantasy, sometimes they find themselves thinking about why they love it so much. The answer is simple, the human imagination allows minds to imagine any conversations taking place, and the appearance of the characters. People choose fantasy books for the monsters and the out of ordinary events that occurs.

Fantasy Provides a Sense of Escape

Those who suffer emotional or physical stress find that reading a fantasy or any book, in general, helps in relieving some stress. The mythical and ever-changing world of fantasy allows the reader to escape from their troubles and enter the world of their favorite characters. Not only can Fantasy be used to relieve stress but spice up life as well. Dull and boring days at school and work can become intense and vibrant with the close company of fantasy books.

Fantasy can Help Talk about Real-world Problems in a Unique Way

Although the thought of discussing problems from the real world, in a fantasy book can seem like an impossible task, it is entirely not impossible. Real world problems are voiced more commonly in contemporary books, as it is easier to bring them up in a more normal environment. However, using these problems in fantasy novels as well can be beneficial to the story, making it more entertaining for the reader. An example of such a discussion is discrimination. Books directly talk about it by having two different races of people – one superior and the other more unfortunate, and making them have a relationship with each other. The strategy can help fantasy books send a positive message.

Fantasy can help improve your Creativity and Imagination

Creativity and imagination are both very different things. Creativity is achieved through the inspiration and original ideas that you come up with yourself. Vision is the imagining of something in your head that is usually triggered by a smell or noise. In the case of books, it is triggered by reading a couple of words, creating incredibly detailed images that are incredibly unique to each person. Fantasy can help your creativity by sparking new ideas for your story or English writing task. It can also be an inspiration for creating an artistic masterpiece. Fiction can also help your imagination, by coaxing your brain to create an image based on pictures that you have viewed before.

Fantasy novels provide a strong sense of magic

The last and most obvious reason for why you should read fantasy is magic. Without magic, fantasy books aren’t as entertaining. Harry Potter, for example, would be a story about a boy who lost his parents, was mistreated and went to a school in an unknown location. Magic in Fantasy has a robust association with Gods and monsters, but sometimes it can also be the earth which is a source of magic. Many fantasy readers say that magic in fantasy magnifies the daily wonders by making you think if there is something more to an object.