Netflix has been remaking movies and book adaptations for a younger audience over the last few years. Netflix productions are also getting much traction amongst the viewers who have steered away from watching television by flipping channels and who instead subscribe to Netflix for their television entertainment. Recently, Netflix even introduced their version of Mowgli and next plan on releasing their version of the Chronicles of Narnia. Disney movies have all been done to death and now that movie producers are turning to fantasy book-adaptations, they pick the most cliched ones out of the lot. Here are some of the best series that should be made into movies.

Caraval Series

At the moment, this series has only two books. Written by Stephanie Garber, the Caraval series has a storyline that surrounds two sisters who are on an island all by themselves. They want an opportunity to participate in a performance that is hosted by Caraval, which their father forbids them to be a part of. When they manage to escape and head to Caraval, they are sucked into a world of dark magic and adventure.

The Poppy War

Looking for a movie that has a dose of military action? Then this series is the one that gives just that and more. The series is based on China in the 20th Century and is about a poor war orphan girl who does very well in a test that is used to filter the best out of the best in the country. As a movie, the series is sure to deliver in every realm that will impress and keep the viewer hooked.

Heroine Complex

The series has a new twist to the life of superheroes and their sidekicks. The story surrounds a superhero who has an assistant who has to step up to the job of her boss, on a night when she is injured. As a fantasy book series, the story is unique in its own right and will look at a whole new perspective if made into a movie.


The series is written by Anne McCaffrey and is an excellent original spin on Daenerys from Game of Thrones. The less known fact about the book is that the character was created before George R. R. Martin even thought up his Daenerys. The series might seem a copycat of GOT if it is made into a movie now, but it would be exciting to see an original perspective of a female dragon rider.

Spectacle Series

Megan Rose Gedris puts two circus performing sisters together in this truly spectacular series. Each sister has a unique talent that she puts up at the circus. When one of the sisters is found dead, the plot thickens, and it is up to the other sister to use the ghosts that visit her to find the real murderer behind the crime. The series has all the elements that are necessary for an award-winning book and is the perfect recipe for a crowd favorite too.