Video games are a famous way to kick back and relax for the entire family. Other than for watching movies, video games are sources of entertainment that can be enjoyed with anyone and everyone. During times where technology wasn’t as advanced, we played games that needed equipment such as boards or moving pieces. With the sudden advancement of technology, our way of entertainment has also improved. Our traditional board games have changed, becoming graphics highly and enhanced in the visual space with little to move physical movement. Video games utilize playing traditional games that usually follow a story on a computer screen. The list below includes all of the PS4 games that are expected to be released in 2019.

The games that are to be released in 2019 are expected to be hugely successful, featuring improved graphics and storylines that are sure to capture your attention. Some of the games are to be sequels and are games from less heard producers and game developers. Some of the big-name games that are to be released soon include ‘The Last of Us: Part II’ and ‘Cyberpunk 2077’. These games and countless others are anticipated and promise gameplay; the likes of which are incredibly entertaining.


Also known as BioWare’s most ambitious title, ‘Anthem’ focuses on the endeavors and exploits of freelancers as they survive on a hostile alien planet. The game is online, and you can complete tricky objectives and dangerous missions with other members of your team. Although this game is rumored to sound a lot like ‘Destiny,’ ‘Anthem’ is promising an exciting pace in which displays the concept of shared world shooter. The game is not only available on PS4, but it is also available on PC and Xbox One.

Babylon’s Fall

As the latest game by the famed studio known as Platinum games, ‘Babylon’s Fall’ is anticipated to one of the wildest fantasy-themed action game. During the game, you play as a knight who holds magical abilities. However, Platinum’s other famous titles and games like the ‘Bayonetta’ series suggest that ‘Babylon’s Fall’ will be an action-adventure game that is worth the wait.


‘Control’ is the game that is produced and developed by the studio behind Quantum Break. The trailers displayed a unique changing world with a protagonist with special abilities. The protagonist of the game holds the abilities to both be able to control objects using telekinesis and can fly. During the game, you take upon the role of being a director for a government agency who has to deal with supernatural weirdness during which you can use some special abilities.

The Dark Pictures – Man of Medan

The game is more horror than fantasy based but is fictional nonetheless. Created by the folks behind the cinematic horror game ‘Until Dawn,’ ‘Man of Medan’ is a first in a series of horror games. The story follows four Americans in the South Pacific. The gameplay and controls are similar to ‘Until Dawn’ as it will have the characters completing puzzles and riddles in an attempt to escape, along with trying not to get murdered.