Final Fantasy is considered to be one of the most significant and favorite games in the gaming industry and with good reason. Final Fantasy consists of a dramatic storyline with intense battles and shocking graphics. With dozens of spin-offs and remakes of this favorite game, Final Fantasy has now grown to 15 cores games that follow the main storyline. With Final Fantasy XV awaiting to be released on Xbox One and PS4, this game series is undoubtedly a significant production in the gaming industry. It was first published in 1987 on the Nintendo Entertainment System or the NES. However, with so many different plots to the storylines and so many changes, it is easy to take the wrong message about the game. This list will reveal all of the different myths that people immediately believed about final fantasy.

Zack Was Aerith’s Boyfriend

One of the major things that most players should know about Final Fantasy is that it is a game that should be played through at least twice. Doing so will help you understand the cloud’s mental state and the position of Zack Fair in the plot. If you finish the entire game a few times, you will also start to see places where many clues are left behind. One of the significant clues is to understand the relationship of Zack with Aerith. Another piece of evidence is that Aerith never referred to Zack as her boyfriend in the Japanese version.

Rinoa Becomes Ultimecia

As one of the most popular fan theories during Final Fantasy VIII, Rinoa is suspected to be Ultimecia. The theory stems because fans and players don’t know much about Ultimecia’s motive or the backstory, which leaves ample space for theories and speculations. However, during an interview with Kotaku, Yoshinori Kitase shot down the speculation and debunked the theory by explaining that the characters are similar due to their unique powers, but not the same. Kitase also shut down the ‘Squall is dead’ speculation, but he informed that it might make its way into a Final Fantasy VIII remake.

Sephiroth kills Aerith

One of the most popular moments in the series is where Sephiroth kills Aerith. The cause of this speculation is due to the fact that Sephiroth stabbed Aerith in the back which ultimately led her to her death. Sephiroth is considered one of the most despicable and most evil killers in the entire history of video games. However, what players didn’t realize is that Sephiroth was inside the Lifestream at this point, fighting for his life. The remaining versions of Sephiroth that are displayed through the rest of the story are bodies created from the remaining pieces or Jenova’s corpse. So technically the version that kills Aerith was one of the Jenova pieces.

Bahamut has Appeared in Every Single Final Fantasy Game So Far

The dragon is a famous emblem throughout the series; it has appeared as a mentor and more famously as a force of nature. Not only is Bahamut one of the most heavily involved with the lore of the world, but it is also the most powerful monsters that you can summon. However, it is a misconception about Bahamut’s appearance in every game. The creature never appeared once in the duration of Final Fantasy II, although the game required the first death of a group member, Bahamut did not appear. However, he has appeared in every other game since.