Most of the time the fantasy books that you read, you will find the hero with the striking features, husky voice and winning personality, rescuing the damsel in distress. But, what if the evil villain becomes the main hero of the story. Book lovers are constantly drawn to the brooding kind of characters who have alpha male qualities. The unassuming turn-around of personality for a character keeps the reader turning the page.  Let’s probe deeper and take a look at some fantasy book characters, who are supposedly bad guys but turn out to be the heroes, that readers love.

Rhysand from A Court of Thorns and Roses

Rhysand is a perfect example of a villain being the hero as he is expected to be a horrible person. He merely pretends to be the mean and cruel lousy guy that he is in the story. By putting on a face when he is in front of others, protecting his true self, he effectively makes the reader believe in the facade. He may seem to be a villain due to his connection to Amarantha, the main Villain in the story, but he is anything but cruel. In the second book ‘A Court of Mist and Fury’, Rhysand was confirmed to be the hero, due to his protective instinct. This is evident when he fights against the true enemy for the heroine’s sake. Overall this story is very similar to the story of Beauty and the Beast. Rhysand’s appearance makes the heroine think that he was evil, but over time she comes to see truth and kindness in him.

Crown Prince Aldrik from Air Awakens

The crown prince is very similar to Rhysand ‘A Court of Thorns and Roses’ and Warner from the book ‘Shatter Me.’ They wear different faces in public and are completely misunderstood. Rhysand’s and Warner’s personalities, stories and childhood lives combined into one, makes up the character for Aldrik’s personality. Aldrik’s looks alone are enough to kill a dozen fangirls. Aldrik’s personality is almost the same as Rhysand, but instead, he finds it hard to be nice and snaps back easily at every annoying thing he encounters.

Reed Royal from Paper Princess

Reed is most likely the biggest jerk on this list. His character is also based on actual figures and not false ones. The book is set in a contemporary setting. Ella is an orphan that has been adopted into the royal house by Callum Royal, where his five sons live. The problem is that they all hated her. Ella finds them all to be extremely attractive, but they all pale in comparison to Reed Royal who hates her the most and continuously badmouths her. Reed is a perfect fit for this list because he is a popular kid who doesn’t know how to voice his feelings and can sometimes come out as cold. His cruelty towards others, especially Ella, can make readers initially believe that he is not a nice person. Then, there are times when he publicly displays affection and surprises readers. Indeed, a hero with criminal tendencies.