While the world moves toward equal rights for all, the fantasy book world has geared toward the same direction. Female warriors have become a favorite with female readers in the fantasy literature universe. They are known to disregard ancient tradition and conforms of society to create their own rules and exact justice. Many are powerful enough to challenge the strongest of men. Female leads in fantasy books are also known to have a challenging and fiery attitude. Strong feminist messages and incredible dialogues will leave readers baffled.

The Girl with Ghost Eyes

This book is a historical fantasy book that reveals a world where a group of exorcists called the Maoshan Daoists to work to keep dark forces away. The main protagonist of this story is a young widow known as Li-Lin. Li-Lin is the daughter of a renowned Daoshi exorcist. When an evil sorcerer attacks her father, a sinister plan is unveiled. Li-Lin navigates into a world where males are more dominant and use her ability to see the spirit world to stop an ancient evil. ‘The Girl with Ghost Eyes’ promises adventure and action which weaves a tapestry of fantasy and Chinese folklore.

The Hero and the Crown

Rumored to be the daughter of a witch, the outcasted daughter of the king, tries to ignore it, but fails. Her only company is a retired warhorse, whom she quickly befriends and trains. The female lead, Aerin, stumbles across a forgotten recipe for Dragon fire repellent and uses it when running head first into a ferocious battle with a dragon. However, the plot quickly changes as she realizes that she was about to battle with one of the dragons from ancient times. ‘The Hero and The Crown’ are about Aerin and how she discovers hidden bravery and embarks on dangerous adventures.

Alanna: The First Adventure

Following the dreams of Allana of Trebond, ‘Alanna: The First Adventure’ is the first book in the Song of the Lioness series. Unable to train as a knight because she is a girl, Allana switches places with her brother Thom. She realizes along the way that being a knight also means that she will have to control her heart and find out who her enemies and allies are. The book appeals to young women who must stand up to the conforms of society and traditions, to come out a winner.

The Disfavoured Hero

Tomoe Gozen, the epic heroine in ‘The Disfavoured Hero,’ is the main protagonist in this fantasy novel. The book is about she is killed by peasants who have possessed by an evil wizard. She comes back to life and battles to get her dignity and correct wrongdoings. The book is littered with battles, fantastic characters, and legends. Leaving reads a chance to find adventure in the life of Tomoe’s samurai lifestyle, is a promise. Readers who love a strong female leader who battles the conforms of society to stand tall in a magical/legendary world, are assured of a page-turner.