Everyone has heard the saying ‘Never Judge A Book by Its Cover,’ However, there is a lot to say when you choose it by its title instead. The cover is difficult to ignore, and yes, several covers call out to the reader. However, the books are just terrible after the preface. When it comes to fantasy books, it is challenging to choose it based on its cover. The ability to create a fantastic book cover based on what the author has imagined is tough, and designers often fail miserably. The cartoonish fantasy books covers are the norm. This trend was made popular by Jordan’s Wheel of Time that set the stage of how fantasy book covers should look. When publishers choose a book cover, they try to make it similar to what other bestsellers have, just so that they can sell the book. However, this also means even the worst book can be made to look gorgeous from the outside.

While you ignore the cover of the book, ignore the testimonials that are written at the back as well. They are again designed to make you want to pick up the book and buy it off the shelf. For an author to sell books, they need to get other authors to vouch for the quality of the book, and sadly the saying ‘Scratch My Back and I’ll Scratch Yours’ is very true when it comes to books.

You may think that the choice of books become slim if you don’t choose it by its cover or by the testimonials. The secret lies in using this information to weed out the wrong books. When you read the testimonials and see some of the authors, who are just terrible vouching for the quality of the book, avoid the book like the plague. They are merely ‘bought’ to the couch for the book because they would get the same favor returned.

When you read the description of the book, it gives you an indication of what to expect. Some books tell the whole plot of the story in the report which many readers detest. There are some that try and sell the book with the manufactured blurb. Again, blurbs are designed to sell you the book. They don’t provide an honest overview of what lies inside. Look for originality when you read the blurb at the back of the book. Don’t take it for the whole truth.

The name of the author that writes the book has little to do with the quality of the book. Just because a famous author has his/her name on the cover, it does not mean that the book will be great. It is worth a try, but it might not be the best, so be prepared. Young adult fantasy books are directed towards younger. However, the books lay the foundation of how young adults think in tomorrow’s era. They are great places to find fantasy entertainment. They usually have two versions of the book – one for kids and one for adults.