To become fantasy book writer urge yourself to explore your imagination and its limits.  Choose to give your readers the mystical allure of magic phenomenon, and nostalgia from children’s make-believe. The most common attributes of a good fantasy book are it’s coming-of-age plot structures and alternate world setting with brave and heroic characters. To create a page-turner, that is based solely in an alternate universe or a society that Is opposed to today’s modern age, look at your writing from the reader’s perspective.

Research and Study Initiatives

Spend time and effort in your research to gain some useful insights on characters and plot. Some ways of doing this are by just browsing the internet for creatures that may fit into your story. Reading other fantasy books is essential to understand the flow and sequence of the best-selling plots. Doing so will help in shaping the setting of your book, and where it will take place.

Setting for The Unfolding

Make sure your fictional world gives your characters an exciting place where the story unfolds. Making sure that your writing has a detailed environment is very important, as it leads the readers to be able to picture the scene more clearly, in their head. While making sure to use a lot of detail is very important, it is equally important to make sure that you don’t confuse the reader with too much detail. Using personification for non-living things can give off a dangerous and deadly vibe making the reader imagine a mystical world.

Avoid Clichés

There is nothing that can put off a reader than being able to predict the story. Make sure that you recreate your characters to make them look interesting. Understand and give them unique personalities that are not common. Give your creatures unique features and the environment a splash of something never considered before. Once you have detailed information on the characters and setting for your book, it is merely a matter of pen to paper, before you have your best seller.

Creating Complex Characters

Don’t use obvious traits that are usually used to describe roles. Imagine a strange person you have already encountered and mixed up their personality with others. Add a little bit of mystical into the mix, and you will have a fabulous protagonist. Adding mystical elements will ensure that the reader stays entertained as they can find unique characters in the story. In many situations, fantasy characters not only surprise others with their personality but themselves too. The element of surprise certainly raises chances for some comedy and is more accepted.

Get to The Point

Sometimes when you are planning an epic scene, the urge to cram many pieces of your imagination into a page before getting to the good part dilutes the story. Remember to keep your composure. Dialogue and filler are critical as it explores the personality of the characters. Therefore, spend time on large pieces of otherwise, boring text, and make it interesting by releasing new information. Timing the unveiling of the best part after you have built a steady storyline will keep the reader’s attention throughout the book.